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Traditional Jewish cooking classes

Jewish / Israeli food

In general, the food is based on fresh produce only, original olive oil, spices such as corcumin , black pepper, cumin, ginger, and more. If possible, visit with Lisa at the spice shop, which is a world in itself


We will focus on 2 types of soups, the first is Yemenite chicken soup, also called natural “antibiotic”. We will purchase the ingredients in advance, point out the types of spices, and if you have the taste, we will supply you with these spices so that you will try to prepare them at home

The second soup will be lentil soup, soup was common in the Land of Israel especially among the monks, a kind of food for the poor, but very healthy


Prepare a long roast beef stew

Kebabs in the oven

Stuffed with various meat and rice

Middle Eastern schnitzel

Roast of chicken meat

Chicken in an oven tagine

3.For breakfast:

Spicy Israeli shakshuka is suitable for all seasons and especially for cold winter days

Jihanun, a Yemenite dish for a Shabat morning meal, including a hard boiled egg and a tomato paste, has already become a national dish in Israel

Israeli breakfast including omelets, fresh salads, cheeses and dips


Israeli salad in 5 colors

Magadra salad


Tahini and hummus salads


Rice in flavors and colors

Sweet potato

Israeli salads from fresh vegetables 

 Desserts and sweets based on date almonds and nuts

On Jewish holidays we will prepare the relevant dishes for each holiday, join Lisa for half a full day.

*This is not our main occupation but as part of the experience and atmosphere of our hospitality

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